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- - - - - Primetals Technologies to modernize continuous billet caster for Valbruna in Italy - - - - - Sund Birsta SBHX5 strapping heads operate with outstanding performance - - - - - Essar Steel makes turnaround - - - - - buntmetall amstetten orders extrusion press for NF metals and billet heater - - - - - New Finishing End (NFE) Equipment at ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada Rolling Mill to Maximize Profits and Bar Quality - - - - - CMI FPE launches Compact Colour Coating Line - - - - - India’s steel exports fall 31.9 per cent till February - - - - - Sund Birsta Will Modernize Wire Rod Coil Handling & Compacting, at OJSC MMK, Russia - - - - - Hebei Puyang Steel issues FAC to SMS group for single-strand slab caster - - - - - India’s steel imports drop for fourth straight month as tax helps - - - - - New Danieli Hot Dip Galvanising Line for the production of aluminium, zinc and GI coated strip to Hoa Sen - - - - - Dongkuk Steel starts spooled coil production in less than two months at Pohang Works - - - - - Primetals Technologies successfully modernized annealing and pickling line of Aperam Genk - - - - - ECR – Endless Casting and Rolling: The Innovative Process for the Most Competitive Production of Rebar Product has landed in Vietnam - - - - - EUROMETAL – European steel distribution to enhance health and safety skills - - - - - New order for Danieli Centro Cranes from KWTSteel

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Wire & Tube 2016 – Join the best!
By Our News Bureau

Wire- the international fair for wire and cable industries and Tube- the international fair for tube and pipe industry, will simultaneously present their technology highlights from their respective industries at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, Dusseldorf, Germany for the 15th time from 4-8 April 2016.

Q-Robot CAST for Ladle Area: reaching new levels of automation and safety in continuous casting
By P. Demetlika, R. Ferrari, F.Romano, I.Visentini, Danieli Automation S.p.A., Italy; L.Cestari, D. Comand, Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche. S.p.A., Italy.

In this paper it is shown how the “Zero Operator” concept on the casting floor has been reached by adoption of a standard 6 axis industrial anthropomorphic robot coupled with the most innovative machine vision technology. This has been achieved by automating all the operations related to the ladle and tundish activities, including shroud manipulation, powder addition, ladle nozzle identification, nozzle opening by lancing, temperature measurement and chemical sampling.

HiPAC - High Performance Automation and Control
By K.Guzik, Danieli Automation S.p.A., Italy

HiPAC is an integrated high performance automation platform developed by Danieli Automation to fulfill requirements of high performance demanding applications in metal industry. System designed in 90s initially deployed on VME and used as automation platform in most of Danieli hot and cold flat mills actually takes advantage of multicore Intel based MicroTCA and IPC rugged fan less hardware and EtherCAT technology and becomes reference platform for automation of flat,long rolling mills, Danieli Automation medium voltage drives, induction heating and measurement devices.

Charging and pushing emission control in recovery type-stamp charged coke oven battery
By Neeraj Sinha, D N Jha, K. Pasupathy, A. Bajaj, N G Roy, Tata Steel limited

In any Coke Oven battery, there are a lot of fugitive emissions during charging of coal and pushing of coke. These emissions are directly released to the atmosphere and prove to be severely detrimental to environment. Over the years, stringent laws have been passed by the governments across the globe to control these emissions. As per the Indian government norms, Charging emission duration should be less than 16 secs when HPLA is used and pushing emission control should be less than 5gms/ ton of coke. Land based emission systems have been installed at Battery #10 & 11 (Tata Steel, Jamshedpur) and Battery #1 & 2 (Tata Steel, Kalinganagar) for charging & pushing emission control. This system arrests the excessive poisonous gases (such as Benzo alpha pyrene) and dust by suction through Induced Draft (ID) fan installed in land based system. High Pressure Liquor Ammonia System (HPLA) is installed in the gooseneck, which creates suction due to High pressure Liquor spraying in the gooseneck. During charging as the gas emission is huge and a single oven cannot handle the volume, a Charged Gas Transfer (CGT) car is used to transfer the excess gases to n+2 & n-1 numbered ovens (n is the oven number being charged). When the coal is carbonised after 25 hours, the coke is pushed out of the oven. During pushing, a lot of fine coke dust is generated. The same ID fan, used for charging emission, is used to suck these dust particles and arrest them in the bag filters. Thus the fugitive emission during charging and pushing are effectively arrested.

High Speed Archiving of Thickness and Profile Data in the Hot Strip Mill
By C.Burnett , Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA; J. Davey, Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK; D. Berg, G. Schoeppner Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germany

Consumers of flat sheet steel demand the highest quality from their suppliers. If there are any questions regarding the final quality of the supplied product, modern data archiving allows producers to review recorded process parameters starting from its origins in the liquid phase to its final pass on in the cold mill. Any dimensional abnormalities can be traced upstream in the rolling process ultimately to the hot strip mill. The hot strip steel mill is universally considered one of the harshest environments for process instrumentation and sensors but as the material speed and temperature increases, so does the importance of the measurement values.
This paper will describe a stereoscopic x-ray profile gauge with the ability to determine both the cross- thickness profile and the physical position of the strip in space. By using a narrow x-ray fan beam to measure the strip, the system can record the height of each point of the strip in the time domain, the flatness, or shape, of the strip can be calculated. Recording these values in real time presents unique challenges to the data archiving hardware and software. Millions of data points can be recorded for each strip produced. Cataloguing terabytes of data for easy retrieval and analysis requires an application that is both robust and user-friendly. The paper will review the architecture of several different data handling options and provide examples of visualizing the data through iba-Analyzer tools.

Operating achievements of in-line Danieli Rail Head Hardening (RH2) system on 100 m long rails
By Luca Gori, Daniele Andreatta, Gianbruno Luvarà, Umberto Saccoman, Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche S.p.A., Italy

Steel plays an essential role in assisting railway networks to carry people and goods faster, safer and further. Rail head hardening is a cost-effective and efficient method for extending the service life of rails by improving mechanical properties

The world leader in cables for energy chains after 25 years
By our news Bureau

In India, the motion plastics specialist generates 250 million INR in revenue from cables and invests in innovation, reliability and worldwide supply

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