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- - - - - TMK’s Seversky Tube Works orders from SMS group heat treatment line for tubes - - - - - Successful commissioning of heat treatment facility and pipe threading line supplied by SMS group - - - - - Tailor-made rebuild of continuous slab caster at ArcelorMittal Avilés by SMS group - - - - - First mill for semi-finished products with hydraulic roll gap adjustment and roll gap control successfully commissioned - - - - - TALEX casthouse in Abu Dhabi - successful start of operation - - - - - SMS group to supply side trimming unit to Severstal - - - - - Kobelco Angang starts production of high-strength automotive steel strips with annealing line from SMS group - - - - - AHMSA starts operation of normalizing line supplied by Primetals Technologies - - - - - YILDIZLAR HOLDING orders Cold Mill Complex from Danieli - - - - - Turboden to supply a 10 MW heat recovery ORC unit for Arvedi’s steel plant in Cremona, Italy - - - - - Primetals Technologies to modernize electric arc furnace for BGH in Freital - - - - - Danieli Cast’n’Roll Technology for Fuco Steel – Vietnam - - - - - ECOPHOS GROUP and ANDRITZ sign strategic cooperation agreement - - - - - JSW Steel issues final acceptance for new process optimization in two steel works in Vijayanagar - - - - - Fives’ unique new cold rolling mill for Shanghai STAL’s high-end products - - - - - Danieli to supply Q-MELT® Automatic EAF at Kroman Çelik

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We firmly believe that over the next few years more focus will be placed on technological packages and revamping projects with much more proximity to customers locally.
By Our Correspondent

Danieli Centro Combustion (DCC), a global leader in heating and heat treatment systems for the global industries, showcased its new technologies at the Wire & Tube 2016 trade fair in Dusseldorf. Following are the excerpts from an interview of Mr. Fabrizio Pere, Vice President, Sales, DCC with Mr. Nirmalya Mukherjee, Editor, Steel & Metallurgy magazine.

Continuous improvements in industrial reheating and heat treating furnace combustion systems by Danieli Centro Combustion and Danieli Olivotto Ferrè: state-of-the-art research centre for combined optimum burner - furnace chamber design with noteworthy performances
By E. Mozzi, Danieli Centro Combustion S.p.A., Italy

New design strategies for Industrial Reheating and Heat Treating Furnace combustion systems by Danieli Centro Combustion (DCC) and Danieli Olivotto Ferrè (DFO) include a State-of-the-Art Research Centre to ensure optimum burner - furnace chamber design. The new R&D Centre has allowed for the development of new generation patented burners which ensure a perfect match with the Best Available Technologies and performances using both flame and flameless combustion and therefore responding to customer requirements for the accomplishment of increasingly demanding targets in a wide range of different applications.

Solving logistic bottlenecks with advanced plant simulation – steel plant model
By F. Schrama, B, van den Berg, Danieli Corus, The Netherlands; D. Merkenstein, M. Jansen, Systems Navigator, The Netherlands; W. Vortrefflich, Danieli Linz Technology, Austria

Danieli Corus and Systems Navigator have developed a Steel Plant Model (SPM) to solve logistical problems and optimize logistics in both existing and new steel plants. The SPM is based on a three dimensional layout, where all movements, actions and interactions of all units, including cranes and ladles, are simulated. The SPM consists of a model and a human machine interface. The SPM is object oriented and based on actual distances, speeds and processing times. The model includes deviations (e.g. standard or exponential deviations) of processing times as well as downtimes for maintenance and unexpected breakdowns into the simulations, making the results very realistic and accurate. When running the different scenarios that are available, several units, ladles and cranes can be added, modified or removed.
This makes it very easy to determine e.g. where bottlenecks are, what the optimum amount of ladles is or what the return on investments such as the addition of another converter or continuous caster will be. The SPM has been validated for several steel plants with widely ranging characteristics and layouts. It proves not only to be very accurate in predicting production figures like unit utilizations, intermediate waiting times and crane movements, but also to be able to visualize every movement inside the plant at any time. This makes the SPM a very powerful tool to find the weak spots in Greenfield designs, when revamping plants and for plants that are in full operation. Given the flexibility of the SPM, any (new) steel plant can be simulated in quick order when a layout and the requested data are provided. This article discusses the basis of the model and presents its benefits. In addition, a fictive case that shows the capabilities of the SPM is highlighted.

Breakout prediction system & its application in SAIL steel plants: technological considerations
By B Agrawal General Manager (A&E), I Banerjee AGM (A&E), S Kumar DGM (A&E) , A K Verma AGM (A&E), A Goswami DM (A&E) A&E (Automation and Engineering area) RDCIS (Research & Development Centre for Iron & Steel), Steel Authority of India Ltd, Ranchi, INDIA.

Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) is one of India’s largest steel producers. It operates and own five integrated steel plants at Rourkela, Bhilai, Dugapur, Bokaro, Burnpur and also three special steel plants at Salem, Durgapur and Bhadravati. More than 90% of liquid steel production is through Concast route in SAIL. Breakout Prediction System (BOPS) plays an important role in these casters for uninterrupted production of steel through continuous casting.

Computerization of non-executive appraisal system at RDCIS, SAIL
By S Selvi, Dr. B B Agrawal, A K Biswal, Manas Rath, Laxmi, Ayan Goswami RDCIS, Steel Authority of India Limited, Ranchi, India-834002

An appraisal is the analysis of the performance of an individual, which usually includes assessment of the individual’s current and past work performance. Appraisal system determines the efficiency of the employee, providing future road map for improvement. It deals with evaluating and measuring employee efforts in terms of achievements, helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the employee. Through this system, new goals and objective of employees are set; performers and non-performers categorization is done. This system helps in making decisions for promotions and for identifying the development needs of individuals. By measuring the performance of employees against targets, the performance of the organization can be measured indirectly.

Efficiency of high chromium steel rolls produced by “Uralmashplant” JSC
By P.B. Sokolov, A.Yu. Varvarov“Uralmashplant” JSC (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

“Uralmashplant” JSC started commercial production of high-chromium steel rolls (Cr content of 3...5%) for hot and cold rolling mills. Their use allows the customers to reduce rejection of rolls owing to such defects as spalling and delamination, decrease removal of metal in the course of regrinding, extend the campaign between regrindings (increase the tonnage), provide for the required hardness on the scrap (minimum) diameter, reduce time required for roll changes and diminish the stock of rolls.

Latin America imported from China 2.3 million tons of steel during January-April 2016
By Our Correspondent

The total exports of steel from China to the world -including ?nished (long steel, ?at steel and seamless pipes) and steel-derivatives products (wire products and welded tubes)- were 36 million tons during January-April 2016, 8% more than January-April 2015. Of this volume, 33.8 million were ?nished steel and 2.2 million ton of steel-derivatives products. At this rate, China will be exporting the order of 110 million tons in 2016. Latin America accounted for 6.3% of those exports from China (2.3 million tons), reducing its participation in 4.4 percentage points versus January-April 2015 (10.7%), moving to fourth place as China’s preferred destination. China´s main destinations for ?nished steel exports are: South Korea (4.5 million tons, 12.4% of the global total), Vietnam (4.1 million tons, 11.3% of the total) and Thailand (2.4 million tons, 6,6% of the total). The decrease in imports of Chinese steel to Latin America is explained by Brazil’s economy and steel indus-try crisis, since the last year was the largest importer of Chinese steel. However, while the Chinese excess capacity, in the order of ˜400 million tons is maintained, the risk that Chinese exports to the region come back to the levels of last year is latent.

Application Story
By Our Correspondent

Thermography at iron and steel works:
Krupp Mannesmann ironworks use FLIR Systems Thermacamtm P series to inspect, and observe production processes

Quieter, longer lasting, easier assembly: new machine building standard for energy chains
By Our Correspondent

At the 2016 Hannover Messe igus presents E2.1, a new generation of its two-piece energy chain. Based on continuous development and new customer requirements, the original series has been significantly improved. Compared to the previous version, the E2.1 offers revolutionary innovations to significantly improve the service life of customer applica.

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