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March, 2024 Issue

As we delve into the dynamics of the steel industry, both in India and on the global stage, it is evident that the sector is undergoing a transformative phase. The steel industry, often considered the backbone of economic development, plays a crucial role in shaping... ... ...

February, 2024 Issue

In the dynamic realm of the steel industry, January 2024 saw a 1.6% decrease in global crude steel production compared to the previous year, signaling a landscape in flux. As the industry grapples with market fluctuations, environmental concerns, and technological ... ... ...

January, 2024 Issue

In the realm of steel production, the global stage witnessed a nuanced symphony of resilience, growth and sustainability initiatives in December 2023. Despite a slight dip of 5.3% compared to the previous year, the total world crude steel production for ... ... ...

December, 2023 Issue

In the expansive world of steel, the horizon for 2024 is cast in a neutral light, as appraised by Fitch Ratings in their latest editorial review. This thorough assessment suggests that the steel markets will find themselves delicately poised, holding a slightly improved ... ... ...

November, 2023 Issue

To realise the Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ vision more profoundly, the government has rolled out plans to introduce labelling and branding of Indian steel as ‘Made in India’ steel in the global market. ISPs-QCI (Quality Council of India) portal Application... ...

October, 2023 Issue

On 14th November 2023, Steel and Metallurgy will be celebrating its 25th anniversary at Vivanta, Kolkata. From its humble inception in 1998, Steel & Metallurgy embarked on a transformative odyssey. Through the years, it has evolved into a... ...

September, 2023 Issue

The global steel industry is awaiting the two most significant events this month – GIFA & METEC South East Asia 2023 and UNITECR 2023. GIFA & METEC South East Asia 2023 which is all set to make their debut in Bangkok, Thailand will be held from 20 to 22 Sept 2023 for ... ...

August, 2023 Issue

The only bright spot in the global steel production output came from two emerging economies, India and Iran whereas most of the developed economies including United States and Japan registered a negative growth during the period of January to... ...

July, 2023 Issue

It is a matter grave concern that during the month of June, 2023, China's share in India's steel imports increased to 37.5 % and Vietnam's share increased to 4.8 %. This is a real challenge to our ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT and Makein-India initiatives as India aims to ... ...

June, 2023 Issue

An uncertainty lurks over India’s steel exports, owing to the European Union’s overplaying with its decarbonisation drive – the world’s first carbon tax approval last month and now a plan to impose a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism on imports of... ...

May, 2023 Issue

Steel being one of the core pillars of modern civilization needs to reduce its carbon foot print from both environmental and economic perspective. The steel industry is one of the three biggest producers of CO₂ and, therefore, a perfect industry for decarbonisation... ...

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