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December, 2021 Issue

As the calendar year 2021 comes to an end, the Indian Steel industry has experienced mix responses during the Second Quarter and the Third Quarter of FY’22 due to robust domestic demand, consumption growth, and limited capacity expansion ... ... ...

November, 2021 Issue

On account of increasing input costs, many Steelmakers in the country have reportedly raised prices of benchmark hot-rolled coil by up to Rs 3,500 a tonne. The steelmakers are pointing at a steep rise in fuel prices - up by more than 70% y-o-y and while the decline... ...

October, 2021 Issue

Indian steel manufacturers are likely to witness growth because of a reduction in supply by Chinese counterparts. As the world slowly returns to normal, the resumption of economic activity along with the lifting of Covid restrictions in various countries has... ...

September, 2021 Issue

Taking a proactive role, the Union Steel Minster Shri Ram Chandra Prasad Sing recently met the captains of the Indian steel industry to discuss the roadmap ahead for creating a sustainable steel industry ably supported by organic demand for steel. The meeting touched upon issues... ...

August, 2021 Issue

The recent landmark by Swedish venture HYBRIT in green steel production is a call to action for the global steel industry. HYBRIT, which stands for Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology, was created in 2016 as a joint venture steelmaker... ...

July, 2021 Issue

In what is likely to dampen the spirit of the steel producers, the Modi government has held back its plan to approve the PLI scheme for the Indian steel sector. The government has postponed the approval on grounds that the steel producers are ... ...

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