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Current Issues Editorial Plan for 2019-2020

June, 2020 Issue

Indian steel producers are pinning hope to the Government’s stimulus package that seeks to reform - not just revive - the Indian economy with a flurry of schemes and flow of cash into the targeted sectors for growth. The COVID-19 pandemic... ... ...

May, 2020 Issue

The dichotomy between the imperativeness of letting economy roll and the inevitability of nationwide lockdown including in economic activities intensified over the last few weeks. Demands became rife for measures to go all out against corona pandemic ... ... ...

April, 2020 Issue

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown, the countering measure as yet, have together brought the Indian steel industry, like all other industries, to a survival crisis. Though steel and mining sectors are covered under the Essential Commodities Act and the government ... ... ...

March, 2020 Issue

COVID-19 is a declared pandemic that has swept all over the world, leaving thousands dead, lakhs infected and crores shuddering in fear across the globe. Industry analysis at this hour seems to be a far-fetched topic, though the industry is not ... ... ...

February, 2020 Issue

The Union Budget 2020-21 seemingly gives indication of the government’s plans to be pro public as well as pro industry thorough tax restructuring and spending on infrastructure development, albeit it fails to steer clear of disappointing some quarters. While the tax ... ... ...

January, 2020 Issue

Steel prices are set to increase by about ₹2,000 a tonne next month on the back of strong demand and a rise in raw material prices. This would be the fourth consecutive month that steel prices have increased. Early this month, steel companies had raised prices ... ... ...

December, 2019 Issue

The one-day conference, recently Organised in Kolkata by Steel & Metallurgy, evinced one key insight among many – India’s steel sector will have to play a major role in India’s trillion dollar economic dreams. But steel industry’s current state does little to endorse country’s ... ... ...

November, 2019 Issue

Unfavorable factors prevailing for the domestic steel sector put the feasibility of government’s grand steel vision at bay. Lack of momentum in the construction sector, lean patch of automotive sales, vagaries of raw material scenario have ushered in ... ... ...

October, 2019 Issue

India’s steel demand recorded 5% growth in the first half of this fiscal, compared to the 7.5% and 7.9% growth in FY-2019 and FY-2018 respectively. Demand scenario for steel in the domestic market has turned sluggish in recent months. While the domestic steel ... ... ...
Year Plan
April 2019 Alternate Ironmaking Routes with Special feature on DRI-EAF Industry and Pelletisation technologies.
May 2019 Special issue on GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS & NEWCAST 2019.
June 2019 Iron and Steel making through BF-BOF route and Primary and Secondary Metallurgy with special feature on Mini Blast Furnaces.
July 2019 Flat Products and reheating furnaces with special feature on Greases and lubricants for steel Industry with special feature on Foundry Units.
August 2019 Environment & Energy conservation, Waste management in steel industry including special feature on Quality and Safety with special feature on Co Generation of Power
September 2019 Iron Ore, Coaking Coal, Raw Materials, Consumables and spares for Steel Industry including Hydraulics, refractories and Cokemaking oven plants.
October 2019 Hot Rolling, Continuous Castingincluding Thin Slab and Thin Strip casting.
November 2019 Ferro Alloys & Stainless Steel with special feature on application of stainless steel in Construction Building & Architecture
December 2019 Material handling, Logistics, mining and mineral processing including beneficiation of low grade ores. Special Features on Forging Press
January 2020 Energy and Environment Management in Steel Industry
Febuary 2020 Long Product Rolling Mills and integrated mini mill complex. Casting & Forging Units.
March 2020 Electrical Equipments, Transformers, Automation, IT and Process Control in Steel Industry. Special Feature on Industry 4.0.
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